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An innocent survey

Here is your chance to tell a food manufacturer how you feel about their products and put yourself in the running to win a sample of their food.

Have you strolled past the chilled case in your local supermarket and caught sight of the interesting food pots made by a company called innocent? The company has eight different varieties of these ready-prepared meals in a tub with seven of these being marked as suitable for vegans. I have often found myself caught short for a meal around lunchtime and the innocent veg pots have come in handy. The vegan varieties of innocent are:

Thai vegetable sweet chilli, Portuguese red pepper piri piri, Moroccan giant couscous, Thai coconut curry, Indian vegetable masala, Indian daal curry and Mexican sweet potato chilli.

The innocent veg pots are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose.

Now that we are familiar with innocent, what’s this talk of a survey? The company is canvassing opinions of vegan consumers as part of the development of a customer loyalty reward scheme. The bosses at innocent want to know what you look for in a loyalty scheme  and also what you think about their vegan ready-made meals. They are randomly selecting people who fill out the short survey to win one of their delicious veg pots.

Not a bad deal, right? Complete a short survey, have your say on how a vegan product is marketed and give yourself a chance to win some free food.

Interested? Please click here to take part. I’m suddenly feeling very hungry.

I would also love to hear from any of you who have tried the innocent pots before. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

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  1. I’m really pleased you wrote this, because a while ago the thai coconut curry wasn’t vegan or even vegetarian (fish sauce – and yes I complained!), and they only had a couple of vegan options, but it seems to have got much better. It’s great, because they make great lunches at work.

    • Yes, I remember when only a few were vegan. It is great that the majority of them are now.

  2. There are a really nice quick fix! I had a couple of pots in the last year when I was working in a place where the only nearby shop was the Tesco at the petrol station and I didn’t have time to prepare myself a lunch.
    I think I had the Thai one, and I found that it was liking stronger flavours… it was still nice though!

    • They are often the only relatively healthy option around when you want something interesting and fast. I’ve eaten the Mexican one a few times.

  3. I found them rather bland to be honest, buy haven’t tried them for awhile.

  4. I think I’ve had them all!! My boyfriend’s mum buys them sometimes when we come round because they’re easy for her to cater for me and I like them because they’re not full of crap and really yum. x

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