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Gone fishin’

There is no food more closely associated with living in the UK than fish and chips. Curry might be more popular now but chip shops are still a long-standing tradition. As a child in Australia, I remember watching Eastenders where a lot of the dramatic action centred around the workers and customers in the local chippy. That means chip shop for the uninitiated.

Chippies are everywhere. No matter if you stroll around an affluent suburb or consider the food options near a housing estate, you will never be far from a vendor selling fish and chips. As a vegan, I don’t look twice at these establishments and their very existence is a constant visual reminder of the barbaric fishing industry that is responsible for rapidly-depleting marine life.

But vegans are a crafty bunch and will always find a way to be part of the action without hurting anyone on the land or in the sea. Dear FGV visitors, I give you Something Fishy. Oh yes, this is a vegan fish and chips truck.

I had read about Something Fishy but the food van unfortunately does not a have a fixed location. I was therefore delighted to find out the cruelty-free cafe on wheels was due to be serving up their wares at the Bristol VegFest. It wasn’t like I needed extra incentive to visit this wonderful vegan event, but the presence of Something Fishy sealed the deal.

The food truck is marvelous. By the time I got to Something Fishy I had already eaten more than my weight in food from the other fantastic vendors, meaning I could only snack and not go overboard. I was beside myself with joy as I ordered a battered sausage and a spam fritter. Both items were amazing but I was rather jealous of the customers around me ordering vegan fish and chips. It all looked so delectable.

Battered sausage & spam fritter

Something Fishy vegan food caravan

Check out the Something Fishy website to check which event they will be rolling into next.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. That sounds awesome! And the website says they do cakes too. Hope I get to try it sometime – I’m going to check their website regularly to see if they are coming anywhere near Oxfordshire.

  2. Oh, YES! I hereby proclaim that I shall track this truck down and eat vegan F&C the moment I land in October. I should probably find an apt and a job first, but a girl’s got to have her priorities straight, am I right?

  3. The beer battered tofu in Vegan Brunch is an excellent stand in for vegan battered fish, especially if you add a bit of kelp or nori to the marinade or batter.

    Out of curiousity, wouldn’t you eat items from a chippy if they were cooked separately from the fish and so were vegan?

  4. Despite Southern California offering a plethora of vegan restaurants and options (e.g., vegan sushi, vegan baking galore, even a vegan fast food drive through – right next to a MacDonalds in Pasadena!), I’ve never run across Fish & Chips on any menu. This now adds to a growing list of reasons to make a make a trip over. Like Tracy above, I’d head straight (well, gayly forward) to this food truck upon landing!

  5. I’m dying to try out something fishy! I hope I get to try it soon 🙂

  6. oh man, my life would be complete if i ate at this truck!!!

  7. I used to love fish and chips, until I learnt more about the fishing industry that is. A vegan version sounds awesome though, as does battered sausage. Mmmm.

  8. The Loving Hut in Camden do vegan fish and chips, ‘Fishless and Chips’, as well as a range of burgers. The food is very tasty and cheap. The Loving Hut – http://camden.lovinghut.co.uk/ .

    • Oh yes! I have eaten at Loving Hut Camden many times. Their Ocean Burger is delicious. They also have amazing cakes. I have a blog about them coming up soon. The Loving Hut in Edgware also do a fish and chips that is out of this world.

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