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Beneath the trees, where nobody sees

The Palm House at Kew Gardens

London offers visitors and residents a wide array of stunning locations, sights and attractions. If you are looking for an informative, entertaining or fun-packed day out in the capital, the city always has something to please.

I love a good day out at a historical London location and even more so when vegan snacks and drinks are available. I was satisfied on all levels during a recent trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, known widely as Kew Gardens, are a stunning collection of flora sourced from all parts of the globe. The plants, flowers and trees at Kew are showcased in impressive, heritage-listed buildings set on massive grounds in South West London. Kew is dedicated to biodiversity and research, meaning the range of species on display within the glasshouses and gardens is possibly the most exhaustive and impressive in the world.

The interior of the Temperate House

Investigating the World Heritage site of Kew Gardens is tiring work and a person attempting to view everything on offer would need days to take it all in. I covered a large portion of the park during my day visit, which of course resulted in the need for some refreshments.

Vegan refreshments at Kew Gardens

Tourist attraction eateries are not famous for their vegan options. With this in mind, I strolled into the Pavilion Restaurant expecting to find little or nothing. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a few items on offer that weren’t only suitable for vegans, but also proudly stated so on their labels.

I have a problem. If Samuel Smith lager is on sale in a restaurant, I am compelled to purchase it. As much as I love the lager, walking around Kew was busy work and I was also in need of some other form of sustenance. Just as I was beginning to fret due to my rumbling belly, I stumbled upon the wholesome and delicious range of snacks known as BEAR.

BEAR dried fruit and Yo Yos

BEAR is a UK-based company that specialises in healthy convenience food. Their entire range is made without the help of preservatives or artificial colours. They have a delightful logo of a bear and kooky, cute slogans scrawled across the packets. The BEAR range features granola bites, mixed dried fruits and roll ups known as Yo Yos. Both of the items I tried at Kew were scrumptious. This FGV is officially a BEAR admirer. My mango and pineapple combo was smashing.

Take a bus, train or tube to Kew Gardens soon. It is the season for it. While you are there, make time for a simple, vegan snack at a sunny table outside the restaurant. I promise it will turn a great day into a marvelous one.

Samuel Smith organic vegan lager at Kew

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  1. Lovely! I really want to go & visit Kew now & you inspired me to pick up some of those bear snacks for my road trip this weekend.

    • Let me know what you think of them. Have a fun trip!

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