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Oils ain’t oils

I need your help. I have been sent these gorgeous-looking oils as a gift from a company called Mokhado and I’m not sure how best to utilise them. There is a bottle of avocado oil, one of apricot kernel oil and a

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The suspense is killing me

Rumours have been circulating for a while now about new products coming soon from vegan food manufacturer Fry’s Vegetarian. Here at the Haus of FGV we have been just as excited as the next vegan foodie and if the whispers

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Fry’s back in Holland & Barrett

After a concentrated email and telephone campaign waged by vegans all over the country, it appears Holland & Barrett have had a change of heart in regards to stocking Fry’s Vegetarian frozen vegan foods. The story is still developing, but

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Fry’s in a pickle

As many supermarkets and grocery store chains across the globe expand the choice of vegan products they offer, one leading UK health food retailer is seemingly going in the wrong direction. A recent tweet from a FGV reader alerted me

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Would you like Fry’s with that?

This is going to be controversial but it needs to be announced… Fry’s Vegetarian products are the ultimate faux-meats available on the global market. I can’t take them fighting words back. Fry Food Group is a company owned and operated

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