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Fry’s heading to Tesco supermarkets UK

The Fry Family Food Co is a legendary vegan brand that is known and loved all over the planet.

The family-owned brand is especially famous amongst vegans and the vegan-curious in the UK. Their meat alternatives have been keeping people happy for what must now be a few decades.

In what is great news for lovers of this meat-free brand, The Fry Family Food Co now has products available in Tesco supermarkets around the UK.

You can now find their chilled Pepper Pie, Mushroom Pie, Curry Pie, Med Veg & Squash Slice, and Twin Chicken-Style Sausage Roll (new and seen first in Tesco) in around 800 stores.

Both the slice Slice and Sausage Roll are ready-to-eat straight from the pack, or you can heat them in the oven for a warm and tasty treat.

You can view the entire range of Fry’s products (including the range of pastries available in Tesco) online here.

Fry’s will also be launching three frozen products later this month, so keep your eyes open!

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