Burger of the month at Temple of Seitan

Listen up.

Do you like feeling happy? If you answered ‘yes’, I strongly suggest you get along to Temple of Seitan during the month of October.

The legendary and groundbreaking London fast food business is serving up this sensational burger as an October special.

The burger features a dipped chickn fillet, chipotle mayo, pickled jalapeños, lettuce, bacon, cheese and a fiery BBQ sauce.


This burger, just like everything made by Temple of Seitan, is guaranteed to be delicious. Be warned however that this looks HOT!

Temple of Seitan has locations in Hackney and Camden. You can also find them trading at the Fat Gay Vegan section of Venn Street Market every Saturday in Clapham.

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  1. Ha. I had that the other day in the ‘extra hot’ version, which sat in the middle of the three choices. I mean, normally when a business calls something hot, it isn’t really, so I wasn’t unduly alarmed by ‘extra hot’. It turns out that in this case, it is what it’s called–I wished I’d picked a slightly milder one. Props to them for calling a spade a spade. A good burger, and if you like ‘hot’ done properly you should definitely get one.

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