Gorgeous vegan supper clubs in London

One of the kindest and most talented people I’ve met in London is superstar food creator Jhenn a.k.a The Vegan Ronin.

Jhenn has cooked for me on several occasions and I can’t stress enough what a flair she has for creating sensational cuisine.

One of my first Jhenn-cooked meals was an intimate vegan dinner party at her house many years ago. Since that first dinner, I have marvelled as Jhenn has been internationally recognised and celebrated for her food skills.

Jhenn has recently re-jigged her exclusive supper club events under the moniker Ronin Dining and she has a fabulous line up of events coming up over the next few months.

Please be quick because Jhenn’s events always book up quickly.

Click the link for more info and to book:

19 Oct: Japanese Supper Club (gluten free)
21 Oct: Japanese Supper Club
26 Oct: Japanese Supper Club (gluten free)
1 Nov: Bibimbap & Board Games
24 Nov: Thanksgiving
15 Dec: Christmas Club

You can follow Jhenn on Instagram.

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