Vegan eatery in Melbourne

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so impressed by vegan food photos.

When I stumbled across the Instagram account for Melbourne café Olivia Spring Café, my mind went straight into overdrive with plans on how and when I could visit Australia again.

Before I show you a few of my favourite photos, take a read of this description of the business and how they got their name:

Cute cosy cafe serving the most affordable and delicious vegan food – Genuinely welcoming service and fresh ingredients ONLY! We’re very particular about food from the way we make them to how we serve them on your plate. We want to bring healthy plant-based cuisine closer to as many people as possible. Olivia Spring Cafe is a family business, named after our daughter Olivia who was born in Spring time. She’s the soul of the place, playful and talkative. You’ll probably see her in the weekends, hanging around telling tales or dancing.

This is a great addition to the Melbourne vegan scene.

You can follow Olivia Spring Café on Facebook and Instagram. You can see the exact location of the café thanks to Google Maps.

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