Vegan chef job in London

The glorious Café Van Gogh in South London has been blowing people away with their gorgeous cuisine and winning even more fans since their recent decision to become a 100% vegan eatery.

Now it is your chance to become part of the team. A very important part.

Check out this job advert:

  • Cafe Van Gogh is seeking an additional chef, to join our merry band of gastronomic alchemists
  • You will be talented in preparing a wide range of vegan dishes for a large audience of guests with high expectations
  • You will have experience of team work in a busy commercial kitchen
  • You will be able to work weekends and evenings
  • You will be prepared to support our social mission, some of your colleagues on shift might have learning difficulties/mental health conditions, and you will move mountains to make sure they are fully supported
  • You are abreast of latest vegan food trends, and through your innovation and experimentation you create mind blowing recipes that customers flock towards


  • Drop an email to

You can also follow Café Van Gogh on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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