Vegan tattoo in London

Have you ever wanted a tattoo but can’t reconcile it with your vegan belief system and lifestyle?

Well, you don’t need to put off your penchant for skin art any longer in London. Get busy knowing Maury Decay.

Maury is an artist at Santo Cuervo Studio in Stoke Newington, a loudly and proudly all vegan tattoo studio. Every single thing they use from paper to ink to aftercare is completely vegan and they are fucking proud of the fact.

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Maury is raising funds to be able to afford to host a booth at the upcoming HUGE Drag World UK convention taking place in London this August. The costs involved are monumental and Maury needs to raise £1000 in order to be at the show.

£300 of the £1000 target has already been met, so Maury needs the vegan community to get behind this project to make the dream of appearing at Drag World UK a reality.

Once at the show Maury will be donating 50% of takings to London Friend, a charity that supports the health and mental wellbeing of the London LGBTQ+ community.

Click here to donate to this worthwhile campaign now. Every little bit counts and Maury will be extremely grateful if you can help out.

If you are not in the position to donate to this project, please share this campaign far and wide. A gay vegan tattoo artist deserves all the help we can offer.

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