New vegan café for London

You can never have too many vegan cafés, but East London is pushing it!

Say hello to the new vegan café on Hackney Road called Sazzy & Fran.

The café owners reached out to let me know the idea behind their business is to provide tasty, economic vegan meals with a good balance between nutritious and indulgent. They have a rotating menu every week, with a different main dish made fresh every day. You can enjoy your meal in a lovely outdoor space, which is perfect as we head into summer.

You have just got to say yes to vegan French toast!

Sazzy & Fran Café is located at 499-505 Hackney Road in container 16c. Click here to see the exact location thanks to Google Maps. It’s just around the corner from Cambridge Heath train station.

You can follow Sazzy & Fran on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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