Almost vegan product now vegan

Do you remember when I flipped out about the Linda McCartney Pulled Pork Burgers not being vegan?

You can read that original post here.

I was annoyed by the inclusion of honey in this burger to the point where I felt as though the company was trolling us vegans.

Fast forward to now and it appears that Linda McCartney have changed the recipe to make it vegan friendly. Are they reacting to all of our moaning or is there another reason why they are leaving the honey out of the mix?

I don’t think they will tell us any time soon, but it’s another vegan win and I’ll take it. I’ve seen reports of the new vegan variation popping up in supermarkets around the UK.

Be careful to check the packet if you see this product in the store. The old honey-laden versions are still in circulation so you need to check you have found the vegan edition.

This is the old, non-vegan packaging

Do you need to know why honey is not vegan? Click here.

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