London pizza shop turns vegan

London. Here is some news to make you grin.

One of the best pizza restaurants on the planet has turned vegan.

Picky Wops of Fulham has ditched meat and dairy in order to become the first 100% vegan pizza outlet in West London.

I asked the team over there what made them take the big step and they replied:

Because we cannot keep doing what we believe is wrong, we cannot keep sustaining cruelty! We believe that everyone should contribute in every reality, small or big doesn’t matter. That’s why we want be part of the change ourselves, with our restaurant. We are very happy!

The bases at Picky Wops are absolutely delicious, made with specially-crafted flour mixes that are baked to perfection. I wrote about one of my first experiences with the shop here.

Get along to Picky Wops for top level pizza now. Follow the shop on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

See the location of Picky Wops thanks to Google Maps.

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