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Here is some welcome (and tasty) vegan news.

JP and Alex are brothers who have taken their love for plant-based eating and created a home delivery meal service that will have you drooling.

After working in the kitchen with chefs, restaurateurs and nutritionists, JP and Alex launched allplants with the goal of delivering delicious, handmade, plant-based meals direct to doorsteps across the UK.


The brothers say that every meal they sell, from their light and cheesy Cashew Mac to their Jerk Jackfruit, is hand-prepared using nothing but plants.

“Over the past year, we’ve searched and experimented to find the best ingredients and recipes that add layers of flavour to each of our nourishing dishes. We’re so excited to now deliver our menu to homes across the UK,” says JP.

allplants are serving six delicious tasting dishes for two to share, delivered to homes all around the UK. Each meal is ready-to-eat so if you are looking for simple food that also sounds tasty, allplants is the answer.

In the future they will be launching seasonal menus plus a wider range of products.

cashew-mac jerk-jackfruit

Here is a quick insight into what they are delivering:

Jerk Jackfruit – source of protein.

Chargrilled jackfruit seasoned with jerk spices and a blend of freshly torn greens, red peppers and kidney beans, on a bed of sticky black rice and peas.

Moussaka – source of Iron and B12.

Layers of roast aubergine, forest mushrooms, roast potatoes & ragù, topped with a creamy, coconut béchamel sauce.

Black Bean Chilli – source of protein and B12

Slow and smoky black-bean chilli folded through dark chocolate and chipotle peppers, topped with coconut milk cornbread biscuits.

Claypot Tagine – source of protein and iron

Pot-roasted squash, medjool dates, chickpeas & toasted almonds in a fragrant stew of spices.

Cashew Mac – source of protein and B12

Wholegrain pasta tossed with cheesy cashew cream, smoke-baked chestnut mushrooms, kale & roasted tomatoes.

Bourguignon – source of protein and iron.

Braised portobello mushrooms with caramelised shallots, roasted beets, lentils and quinoa served in a warm, red wine stew.

black-bean-chilli bourguignon moussaka

allplants dishes are available for £9 each (serves two) from their website. Each dish is delivered frozen to keep it fresh. Just heat it and eat!

You can keep updated with allplants via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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  1. Sounds awesome and there is nothing more delicious then some colour on your plate. Makes the whole meal more delicious!

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