Vegan treats for dogs

This is a short post but a super cute post.

How about treating the dog(s) in your life to these gorgeous homemade vegan treats by Kira’s Krunchies?


Kira’s Krunchies is an independent company baking, freshly packing and sending out plant-based dog treats from their home to furry friends all over the UK.

They currently have some exclusive Christmas product lines, so I can’t see ANY reason why the dog in your life shouldn’t have a few bags in their stocking this year.

These gorgeous crunchy bites look so good, I’d be struggling not to eat them myself!

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Look at those peanut butter bones!

Do two nice things today.

Support an independent vegan business AND get the dog of your life some tasty treats.

Order on the Kira’s Krunchies website, like them on Facebook and follow on Instagram or Twitter.


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