Pizza crunch done vegan

I thought I had seen it all when it comes to vegan junk food.

I was wrong.

There is a dish in Glasgow known as pizza crunch. This outrageous food invention involves taking a slice of pizza, covering it in chip shop batter and deep frying it.

Yes, deep fried battered pizza. And of course you can now get a vegan version of this ‘dish’ that I’m told is mostly loved by people who have been drinking for a few hours.

Check out the vegan pizza crunch I got my hands on at Mono in Glasgow yesterday.

What do you think? Please take note of the hand cut chips and pickled onion rounding this out to a complete meal. LOL!

If that is not enough for you, Josh and I sampled a few other delicacies as well including the bánh mì and the to-fish and chips.

Mono have certainly got vegan comfort food down to a fine art.

Bánh mì at @monoglasgow is beautiful. #glasgow #vegan

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The to-fish and chips at @monoglasgow seriously on POINT today. 🎯 #vegan

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What do you think? Would the pizza crunch make your ‘must try’ list? Do you like the look of the to-fish?

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  1. WOW, incredible food. I had Glasgow on my list as a possibility for a stay in February, and now it’a a probability. Deep-fried pizza?!?!? I will have to try it once.

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