Beer list for Glasgow Vegan Beer Fest

We have talked about the food and the music, but here is the real news surrounding Glasgow Vegan Beer Fest.

The beer list.


This list will be handed out as a tick sheet to all attendees, with room to make notes on your favourites.

Tickets are just £4 in advance (plus tiny booking fee) or £7 on the door if we have room. Day session or night session, take your pick or come to both!

Now the beer.


  • Barneys Red Rye 4.5% ABV – Six types of grain and a mix of hops. Copper coloured, with a clean, crisp & fruity taste
  • Cromarty Whiteout 3.8% ABV – A seriously hopped up IPA brewed with modern classic hops such as Citra, Motueka and Mosaic
  • Drygate Dark Skies 4.2% ABV – Good solid stout with chocolate and coffee notes
  • Fallen New World Odyssey 4.1% ABV – Refreshing, easy drinking lager-style beer with a fruity aroma and slightly spicy citrusy flavour
  • Jaw Brew Fathom 4% ABV – Dense dark ale with a rich and satisfying flavour
  • Loch Lomond Southern Summit 4% ABV – Light blonde but highly hopped with summit and citra hops
  • Pilot Orange/Green 5.1% ABV – American hops bring the green, Orange peel brings the orange to this beautiful citrusy pale
  • Stewart Jack Black 3.7% ABV – Light crisp session pale ale with citrus and tropical fruit aromas and a smooth hoppy finish
  • Tempest Cascadian 3.9% ABV – Light and punchy session beer with citrus and pine aromas with balanced bitterness
  • Thistly Cross Traditional Cider 4.4% ABV – A refreshing full body, fruity & aromatic, with a clean apple finish
  • Top Out Altbier 4.5% ABV – A German classic with a Scottish twist. Malty/nutty flavour with bitter-sweet finish
  • Tryst Chocolate Coconut Porter 5% ABV – Velvety chocolate porter enhanced with toasted coconut
  • Windswept Marooned 5.2% ABV – Blackcurrant wheat beer with summer fruit aromas, tart flavours and sweet malt


  • Williams Joker IPA 5% ABV – Complex layer of malts and blended hops, golden in the glass, fruity on the nose with hints of cedar
  • Williams Caesar Augustus 4.1% ABV – A lager /IPA hybrid with crisp clean lager notes but with an IPA bitter finish
  • Williams Draught 4% ABV – Scottish craft lager with a refreshing citrus twist

Bottles & Cans

  • Beavertown Quelle (can) 4.1% ABV – A clean, crisp farmhouse pale packing a pale ale dry hop punch
  • Beavertown Gamma Ray (can) 5.4% ABV – Huge hop flavour rammed with juicy malts and tropical mango/grapefruit aromas
  • Beavertown Holy Cowbell (can) 5.6% ABV – Dark chocolate-like base beer piled on with the tropics of summit and centennial hops
  • Boundary American Pale Ale (bottle) 3.5% ABV – Fruity floral nose with dry hoppy flavour
  • Boundary IPA (bottle) 7% ABV – Clear, dark golden IPA with crisp hoppy body
  • Brewdog Dead Pony Club (can) 3.8% ABV – Packed with US hops and massive citrus aromas of lemongrass and lime zest
  • Burning Sky Easy Answers (bottle) 6% ABV – Clean drinking IPA with good body, subdued bitterness. and piney aromas
  • Buxton Axe Edge (bottle) 6.8% ABV – Full-flavoured IPA with mandarin orange, schnapps, pineapple, & juicy tropical fruits flavours
  • Cromarty Rogue Wave (bottle) 5.7% ABV – Extra pale ale with a mass of hop flavours to quench your thirst
  • Drygate Crossing the Rubicon (can) 6.9% ABV – Pale golden IPA with tropical fruit & citrus notes and bitter finish
  • Drygate Chimera (can) 5.9% ABV – Light, crisp, deceptively bitter with flowering fruit aromas
  • Drygate Disco Forklift Truck (can) 5% ABV – Juicy pale ale loaded with US hops and mango. Sweet with soft/bitter undertones
  • Fallen Just The Ticket (bottle) 4% ABV – Hoppy and pale, brewed with NZ and US hops to make a refreshing light beer
  • Fallen Grapevine (bottle) 5.4% ABV – Big tropical and citrus fruit flavours and aromas develop into a lasting bitterness
  • Fallen Local Motive (bottle) 3.9% ABV – Turbo charged with Mosaic dry-hops. Easy-drinking but loads of flavour
  • Fourpure Juicebox (can) 5.9% ABV – Fresh orange zest and aromatic hops with intense flavours of mango, papaya and bitter orange
  • Jaw Brew Reef Beer (bottle) 4.2% ABV – Beer with a piquant bite
  • Jaw Brew Wave Beer (bottle) 4.7% ABV – Smooth crisp and creamy wheat beer
  • Jaw Brew Glide Beer (bottle) 4.6% ABV – Biscuity sweetness and gentle hops
  • Jaw Brew Surf Beer (bottle) 4.3% ABV – Delightfully crisp and refreshing summer beer
  • Lagunita IPA (bottle) 6.2% ABV – Well-rounded IPA. Caramel Malt barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of the hops
  • Mad Hatter A Night Out (bottle) 6.6% ABV – Papaya Peach, Coconut & Chilli IPA. This is an IPA for sunny days
  • Mad Hatter Through A Stout Darkly (bottle) 9.7% ABV – A luxurious well-balanced Imperial Stout
  • Mad Hatter Pitch Funk (bottle) 4.3% ABV – Cloudy, yellow beer with spicy citrus, lemon and fruit flavours with a biscuity finish
  • Marble Damage Plan (bottle) 7.1% ABV – Fresh West Coast IPA with juicy tropical notes of pink grapefruit, papaya & mango
  • Moor Agent of Evil (can) 7% ABV – Big bold dark coffee chocolate malt with a burst of citrus hops to cut through
  • Sam Smith Raspberry beer (bottle) 5.1% ABV – Handcrafted complex ale blended with organic raspberry
  • Sam Smith Apricot Beer (bottle) 5.1% ABV – Handcrafted complex ale blended with organic apricot
  • Sierra Nevada Porter (bottle) 5.6% ABV – American style Porter featuring roasted notes of black coffee and cocoa
  • Speyside Dava Way IPA (bottle) 4% ABV – Fresh and flowery, full-flavoured pale ale from the Moray coast
  • Stewart Hollyrood (bottle) 5% ABV – Pale colour with fresh citrus aroma and tangy grapefruit flavours
  • Tiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana (bottle) 5.5% ABV – American hops, amplified by Peach, Passionfruit, Pineapple and Mango flavours
  • Tiny Rebel In & Around the Mouth (bottle) 6% ABV – IPA with spicy, citrussy, tropical and piney flavours
  • Top Out Schmankerl (bottle) 4.9% ABV – Bavarian style wheat beer with medium sweet flavour with warm spice finish
  • Top Out Altbier (bottle) 4.5% ABV – A German classic with a Scottish twist. Malty/nutty flavour with bitter-sweet finish
  • Up Front Ahab (can) 6% ABV – A complex, deep and rich fusion of dark malts with the fruity hop finish of an American Stout
  • Up Front Ishmael (can) 6% ABV – Subtly sweet malt characteristics, heady hop notes & robust bitterness of an American IPA
  • Windswept APA (bottle) 5% ABV – Award-winning IPA with smooth malts and a tangy grapefruit finish
  • Windswept Weizen (bottle) 5.2% ABV – A cloudy effervescent hefeweizen bursting with bananas and caramel

Wow. That is a list and a half.

Get your tickets now!


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