New vegan café in Sheffield

Move over London, step aside Manchester and get ready to be challenged for your vegan crown, Glasgow.

Sheffield is quickly becoming a plant based city to be noticed.

I have already written about vegan grocery store The Incredible Nutshell, as well as Steel City Cakes and Burger Lolz, and now the South Yorkshire city is impressing with the grand opening of Make No Bones.


How rad is that sign?!

Make No Bones has run a vegan food truck for quite a while, but now has taken the leap into bricks and mortar.

The sample menu on their website lists delicacies such as Tempeh Bacon & Avocado Sub, Ultimate Nachos and Jerk Tofu, Rice & Peas.

Sounds like my kinda place.

I have big plans to get there ASAP but in the meantime please do post glowing reviews in the comments below to inspire me to make the trip. If you get there before me, tell them FGV loves them and is on his way!

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. MNB are fabulous. The food is AMAZING and they’re top people. I’m so pleased with this news!

  2. Thank you so much ! Look forward to feeding you soon! Tash X (MNB feeder)

  3. The Blue Moon Cafe has been my salvation on recent trips to Sheffield. Great to know that there’s somewhere new to try. See you soon!

  4. Was in there for lunch, my wife’s decades long quest seeking decent vegan tiramisu has come to an end!

    The poutine was pretty good as well 😉

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