Fed by Water is more amazing than ever

My blog almost broke from heavy traffic when I wrote about Fed by Water switching over to a 100% vegan menu.

During a visit to the restaurant yesterday I discovered that the menu has not only become completely plant based, it is now also one of the best collections of vegan food you will find anywhere on the planet.

If you are a vegan in the UK, you need to make it your mission to eat with Fed by Water soon and then often.

See my meal from last night. Everything was beyond superb.

STUNNING focaccia freshly baked at @fedbywater in London.

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Yas! Panna cotta for the ultimate #vegan win. At @fedbywater in Dalston.

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Yes, the food tasted as good as it looks. Maybe even better. The fact that the round pizza was inspired by me is the icing on the cake.

Almost everything you see in the photos above is made in house by the restaurant. The cashew cheeses used throughout the menu are phenomenal, the pizza bases are unmatched and the seitan should be award-winning.

Follow Fed by Water on Instagram and dine with them often.

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  1. Yeah, I went there yesterday as well, loved it!!!! I even took a croissant away for breakfast this morning!!! 🙂

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