Restaurant ditches meat, becomes 100% vegan

Hold on to your faux feather stuffed fedoras, London.

An Italian restaurant has ditched meat and dairy entirely from its menu, becoming a 100% vegan pizza, calzone and pasta specialist in the process.

I have been raving about the vegan options at FED by Water for a long time. The East London restaurant has developed a reputation for having some of the finest vegan food on the planet and their calzone alone makes me happier than almost any food on the planet. Even as an omni restaurant they excelled in using seitan and vegan cheeses in order to create mouthwatering Italian delicacies.


FED by Water really have taken care of us plant eaters, supplying us with our own incredibly-extensive vegan menu that was actually mind-boggling.

But now everything is vegan. EVERYTHING!

I’m shocked and delighted. I reached out to Fabio at FED by Water to find out what powered this monumental change and this is what he had to say:

After almost 2 years running FED BY WATER with multiple options as a way to leverage on the omni/veggie menu to educate people to veganism, last weekend we decided time has come to cut off meat, fish and diary options completely and focus only on 100% plant based Italian gourmet. We will still educate people to veganism but without the “safe” options for omni customers to rely on as their primary choice.

I have to admit it is working well and non-vegans are quite relaxed in trying out other options. It helps that it is all delicious. The label vegan might scare some people off but luckily our new team (fully vegan also) is putting a lot of effort into educating the public about the revolutionary culture we have been embracing and pushing forward. So… VEGAN is LIFE!

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I don’t know about you, but this is some of the best news I’ve heard in years.

100% vegan Italian restaurant serving meat/cheese platters, calzone, pizzas, bread bowls, pasta, raw pasta and so much more? It’s a dream come true.

Get to the FED by Water website, like the restaurant on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and visually devour their posts on Instagram.

And when you stop by for a meal, tell them FGV is back in town come July so they’d better be ready!

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