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It’s not often that I go to a posh restaurant, being the scruffy hippy that I am. But when my mum visited Berlin in November, we took the opportunity to visit what might be Berlin’s finest vegan restaurant: Lucky Leek.

It’s to my shame that we’d not been before, as it’s only ten minutes walk from where we live and has almost exclusively enthusiastic reviews on Happy Cow. Yet somehow the occasion hadn’t arisen to pay the higher prices that such a classy joint demands. But in November we’d just returned from a visit to London, so all of a sudden the prices didn’t seem so high any more. (Everything in Berlin seems very cheap after a visit to London – in fact, I’m sure most Londoners who go to posh places would consider Lucky Leek a bargain.)

Our delay in visiting Lucky Leek is matched only by my delay in writing about it. My excuse is that I’ve been searching for the superlatives these past five months. Lucky Leek really is that good.

I can’t remember exactly what we ordered, but I do remember that it was all exquisitely presented and utterly delicious. We were brought a complimentary mini starter while we waited for the starter we’d ordered (creamy oyster mushroom soup, which arrived with some crispy deep-fried oyster mushrooms on the side), which was very nice of them.

One of my worries about posh places is that the portions will be tiny, but I’d say that’s not the case at Lucky Leek. The portions weren’t enormous but nor were they small – unlike some other classy restaurants I’ve been to – and we left feeling well fed. And again, everything was carefully presented.

The dessert stands out in my mind for some reason, especially that delicately decorated chocolate you can see in the photo. Some of the flavour combinations seemed odd when reading the menu, but the range of flavours worked very well together.

Our waiter was very friendly, and we were made to feel comfortable and welcome. The menu can seem a bit complex (it’s in English as well as German though, so don’t worry!) as it’s laid out like there are set menus – but we just chose what we wanted from each one, which was no problem.

So if you’re in Berlin and fancy splashing out on a really fancy meal, then put Lucky Leek on your list.

1 Lucky Leek Berlin amuse bouche 2 Lucky Leek Berlin starter mushroom soup 3 Lucky Leek main course 4 Lucky Leek Berlin main course 5 Lucky Leek Berlin dessert 6 Lucky Leek Berlin dessert

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