Donuts are life

Donuts are life

Facebook can be a tiresome place to hangout.

If you spend a lot of time on the social network, it can feel like you are learning a whole lot of information you really don’t want to know. My friends’ reaction to the latest Star Wars film nearly made me jump ship.

But occasionally the good ol’ FB gives us some truly valuable information. Specifically, where we can buy and eat gorgeous vegan donuts like these.


I saw the above photo posted on Facebook, so I wasted no time in reaching out to the poster to find out more info.

Lisa got back to me super quick with A LOT of details on what she is up to donut-wise. Scotland, you are in luck.

Lisa wrote:

I just started this business officially yesterday with a big day of sales in Edinburgh! So exciting!

I do hesitate to call it a business because I’m not looking to make a profit. I just really like baking and want to hone my donut-making skills, so providing donuts to hungry vegans is a great way for me to keep making donuts because other people can help me eat them.

Previously I worked as a Pastry Chef in the States and have taken a year off. I wanted to get back into the pastry routine, so this is a fun way for me to do that. I noticed vegan donuts are difficult to find here in Scotland, and every time I posted a vegan donut photo on Instagram while I was living in California, all of my Scottish followers would absolutely gush over them.

On the Top Secret Donuts Facebook page, I have details explaining how else people can pay me for donuts. I’d prefer to trade things like food or donut ingredients but cash is easier when selling them on the street. My main mission is to provide tasty vegan donuts for vegans and non-vegans…because honestly everyone loves a deep-fried glazed pastry.

My donuts are all handmade: the kneading, the cutting, the frying…everything is done by hand. The process takes me about 3 hours currently from start to finish for one batch. People can place special orders in advance (like they want a dozen by 4pm next Friday) or they can purchase donuts à la carte on the street. Since I currently have special orders due every day, I just make extra donuts and offer them whenever is most convenient. I intend to sell street donuts from 12-2 almost every day. It just depends how busy I am 🙂

The best way for people to be informed about the street sales is to join the Top Secret Donuts Facebook page. If they want to place a special order, they can message me on Facebook.

I promote vegan foods on social media at the moment. I am on InstagramTumblr and I also have a website where I intend to have city/country guides for vegans (“How to be vegan in Scotland”) including everything from vegan food, local advocacy, things to do, and helpful phrases in the native language so that you can confidently order vegan foods while eating out…stuff like that. I also published my first e-book this past December just before stepping on the plane to move over here.

Wow. Lisa sounds like a vegan dynamo.

If you are in Scotland, make sure you track her down to get your hands and lips on some gorgeous vegan donuts. Also, follow Lisa across all of those social media links for rad visual vegan inspiration.

Now, back to business. More vegan donut photos courtesy of Lisa.

IMG_2560 IMG_2477

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  1. Those look amazing! Does anyone know where we can get vegan donuts in central London?

    • Peanut Butter bakery at The Boiler House on Brick Lane!

  2. This is amazing! And couldn’t come at a better time…my doughnut loving boyf and I are going to Glasgow in 3 weeks! The co-op one’s are gonna have a LOT to live up to after that…:)

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