Feeling Hungary

Feeling Hungary

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By now you’ve probably all read about how much FGV enjoyed the Napfényes chain of restaurants when we were in Budapest recently. I wholeheartedly agree that it was probably the tastiest food I’ve been served in Europe. However, I wanted to try some of the other vegan food in Budapest so I dragged a reluctant FGV along to Kozmosz one morning to see if Napfényes could be improved upon… 

Well let’s start with the positives: a beautiful and atmospheric setting, 100% vegan menu, English menus for us ignorant tourists who can’t speak Hungarian. Oh, and the coffee was good. Unfortunately though, the food at Kozmosz just didn’t stack up, especially when compared to the insanely wonderful Napfényes.

I opted for the Seitan stew with ‘nokedli’ dumplings which was filling but I felt that the seitan should have been better seasoned. The accompanying dumplings were also extremely bland which might have worked to balance out the seitan stew if it had been seasoned more, but sadly it was just a bland plate overall.

seitan dumplings vegan seitan plate with salad potato wedges

FGV opted for the Gyros plate and he was also underwhelmed. Both plates looked very appetising but taste-wise they just didn’t do it for us. The seitan and the tzatziki on the Gyros plate were satisfactory but wouldn’t have me running back for more. The saving grace of the meal was the bowl of potato wedges which was hot, cooked to perfection and perfectly seasoned.

Did we choose the wrong items from the menu? I’d love to say I would give this place another chance, but given that ludicrously good food is available from one of the Napfényes branches just a few minute’s walk from Kozmosz, I doubt that I would. The only thing Kozmosz has over Napfényes is that it serves coffee. Sorry Kozmosz!

You can follow Kozmosz on Instagram, like the Facebook page or check out their website.

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