Vegan BA meal in flight

Vegan BA meal in flight

If you come around these parts of the Internet often, you will know that I enjoy showing you the vegan food I am served by airlines in my column called Food in the air.

This latest post highlights the two meals I was served during my recent British Airways flight between London and Mexico City.

As you will see from the photos below, one meal was the standard meal handed out to vegans while the other was close to non-existent.

main vegan meal on British Airways

Yes, the main meal was what we are used to seeing on a plane.

Cous cous, fruit and vegan margarine. It’s actually quite a solid vegan meal for an airline and the inclusion of the curry potato with some sort of falafel ball was new to me.

Potato dish cous cous bread and beboapple peaches

So far, so pleased.

It was the second scheduled meal that was a let down. A let down in the fact that it didn’t exist. Cabin crew informed us there must have been a mistake when it came to loading our special meals onto the plane.

In place of a meal, they offered us another bread roll with margarine.

Oh well, you can’t have it all.

second vegan meal on British Airways

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  1. Currently on assignment with Alley Cat Allies in the U.S., I make regular trans-Atlantic flights with British Airways from London Heathrow to Washington Dulles. Generally, I agree with you in your assessment of the vegan meals BA provide. They’re disappointing given that we’ve had decades of awareness in vegan cuisine. BA could and should do better. I communicated this to them recently in a survey. No follow up from them as yet. Vegan choices at Dulles are very limited and only marginally better at Heathrow.

  2. Yep, the aubergine/tomato/cous cous is the one I’ve had twice a year for the past several years. And the peaches with raspberry sauce. Not exciting, but ok. The second meal has always been a vile hummus sandwich. I don’t know how one can go wrong with hummus, but somehow they make it virtually inedible.

  3. I called Thomas cook about my impending Florida flight, was told:
    Carrot and Broccoli in Tomato sauce with potato rosti for breakfast! :p
    Vegetable Biriyani meal 1
    Morrocan Tagine with cous cous meal 2


  4. I had the exact same experience on a recent long haul BA flight. First two meals were great. Like,. really great! Breakfast was missing so I got a huge pile of fresh fruit from the First Class cabin (I was in Cattle way down the back!).

  5. I think I might pack a whole bag of snacks as planned, it doesn’t hurt…sucks I can’t pack any unpeeled fruit or can i? thought customs before is a no no…

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