Essential Vegan now even more essential

You all know about Essential Vegan, right?

Essential Vegan is the brainchild of my friend Vanessa Almeida and is home to some of the most delicious recipes on the Internet, which are also some of the simplest to recreate.

Because Vanessa is a perfectionist and believes things can always be better, she has gone and updated her already wonderful website to make it even easier to navigate.

Click here to visit the brand new Essential Vegan website for a stunning range of vegan recipes including the only recipe I have used more than ten times in recent years, Vanessa’s homemade seitan.

Vanessa also blogs about vegan products she has tried and you can find info on where to buy her delicious cakes in person.

Yay for Essential Vegan!

essential vegan burger shoreditch seitanBurger by Essential Vegan

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  1. I miss Vanessa’s popup in Shoreditch. Her seitan burgers are amazing. She said she was thinking of opening a cafe. Is there any word on that? I can’t wait!!

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