Vegan bakery

Vegan bakery

Mexico City is intensely invested in vegan food. It is everywhere.

Street food vendors? Pizza shops? Ice cream parlours? Yes, yes and hell to the yes!

Mexico City has all of this and more. I would even boldly suggest the mega-city is up there with the untouchable plant-based locations of Portland, Austin, Berlin and Los Angeles.

Vegan food is such a serious concern here in Mexico City, you can even shop in a 100% vegan and gluten free bakery.

Check out these photos from my visit to Pan Gabriel in the leafy Condesa neighbourhood.

pan gabriel bakery condesa bread donuts cookies pastries pan gabriel sign

Pan Gabriel is a revolution. Everything you would normally see in a bakery is represented here, but vegan.

Soft white sliced bread? Check. Custard filled donuts? You got it. Apple turnover or croissant? Why the hell not?!

Pan Gabriel is the bakery you have been dreaming of your entire vegan life. I can only imagine how the gluten free eaters must be feeling knowing that the shelves are filled with suitable stuff for them, too. Everything is delicious and everything is cruelty free.

Click here to like Pan Gabriel on Facebook.

The company has an incredible six outlets scattered around Mexico, with another about to open in the Mexico City suburb of Coyoacán.

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  1. This company has very negative reviews on their FB page saying their products are not gluten free and people have got sick buying them. Just FYI FGV.

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