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Manchester has it

Manchester has a lot of fab vegan things going for it and right up there on that list is the plant-based menu at Ning.

Ning is a Malaysian cuisine eatery situated next door to the current location of Revolution. Even though I’ve written about Ning in the past, my recent trip there was so outstanding I wanted to share the food photos with you all.

Check this out.

ning coconut soup ning noodles ning bhaji Ning bread starter Ning vegan salad

The vegan options at Ning cost LESS than the non-vegan dishes and they have a solid choice for us plant eaters. We are not an afterthought. None of the above was lacking in flavour and every morsel was divine.

Highlights for me include the stunning deep fried bhaji containing bean sprouts, as well as the fluffy bread pancakes served with peanut sauce.

Check out the restaurant online and make sure you pay them a visit next time you are in Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

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