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I can’t keep up with the rate with which London vegan restaurants/businesses are closing.

It seems we just lost another one. Check it out.

My buddy (and legendary vegan blogger/beer festival pioneer) Quarrygirl hit me up on Twitter yesterday to give me this news:

qg tweet.jpg

Dou Dou was the all-you-can-eat Chinese-style vegan eatery in Camden. It was one of those places where you would think it was the best idea in the world to eat there until the second you walked out at the end of the meal. Greasy as all hell AND you could eat as much as you want.

I always left feeling slightly annoyed with myself. Recent visits have only been after heavy beer sessions, when I’m not fully in control of my life choices.

Dou Dou FGV

Quarrygirl said the restaurant is completely gutted, so we have no definite word it is gone forever but I wouldn’t count on it coming back. I can’t imagine their restaurant model would bring in enough cash to keep a central London business afloat. Restaurants in the capital need to bring in many more times per person what we were all paying in Dou Dou to even stand a chance.

I’m fairly certain we have lost another 100% vegan restaurant forever to the monster that is London property prices.

You should all follow Quarrygirl on Instagram for international vegan adventures like no other.

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  1. Hi Sean,

    Not sure if you saw my tag last week on insta. As we came back home via London after the Vegan River Cruise, we happened by Camden and…whether to rub salt into my wounds or what…we decided to peak at the old Dou Dou…only to be very excited by the A board out the front and the neon Open sign flashing!!

    So apparently Dou Dou was closed for 3 weeks over Christmas for some renovations. Everything looked fairly similar / if not the same except perhaps for new tiles on the floor. There were some new faces and less staff than usual. It does make me wonder why they wouldn’t let people know (even if just by written sign on the door) that they were only temporarily closed?!

    But…if renovations were in the works it perhaps suggests a more rosy picture than them struggling 🙂

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