Vegan food on the road

There is this weird phenomenon in the UK called ‘services’.

People are apparently unable to drive more than half an hour without needing to stop for petrol, food, magazines, drinks, sweets and gambling. Yes, gambling.

Services is the name given to the large retail outlets dotted around the country’s motorways. Some of the services contain mini-supermarkets, others have walkways joining the two sections of the services that sit on either side of the motorway. Don’t like the shops you see? Cross the bridge to the other side of the motorway!

Vegans usually don’t find a whole lot to eat in services. My experiences have led me to believe all I could eat was potato crisps, hummus and fruit.

But that has changed!

Tossed is a takeaway food counter specialising in make-your-own salad bowls and they have many vegan items including wraps, falafel, hot soup and smoothies.

I had only ever seen Tossed in central London but now the chain has six locations in services around the country with plans for more. The vegan food options are marked clearly on the menu and the staff will help you with any questions you have.

Here is the smoothie I was recently served at the Warwick services.

Yay for Tossed!

(Josh had previously reviewed Tossed here)

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