Goodbye from FGV

London, it has been swell.

Almost exactly five years ago today, I started this little blog called Fat Gay Vegan and to say it has taken over my life would be an understatement of epic proportions.

The blog evolved into hosting community events such as London Vegan Potluck and London Vegan Drinks. I launched a successful vegan PR company off the back of the blog and quit my job as a primary school teacher. London Vegan Beer Fest was made possible thanks to the popularity of my blog.

The past five years have been a whirlwind of blogging, events, pop ups and meeting thousands of people from all over the city, country and world.

But the only constant in life is change. It is time for me to say a temporary goodbye to the city I have called home for the past five years.

I’m leaving London and moving to Mexico City for at least six months.

Josh and I adore Mexico City. Our hearts and minds never stray too far from el Distrito Federal and the past year has been spent making plans on how we can spend more time in our favourite location on the planet.

To cut a long story short, we are heading there in January 2016 for six months.

Fat Gay Vegan will continue as a blog and my monthly advice column will appear in Vegan Life Magazine, but the regular events I am known for will of course come to a halt. You will still get all the big UK vegan news on these pages, but it will be mixed with a little more Mexican flavour.

I will be back in the future (big plans for London Vegan Beer Fest to be announced soon!) but for now it is time to say farewell.

I would love to say goodbye in person to as many readers and event attendees as possible at my final parties before I head overseas:

  • You can join me for my 3rd annual Vegan Xmas Dinner this Thursday (December 17, 2015) for a wonderful 3-course meal and lots of cheesy Christmas music. Tickets are on sale here.
  • My farewell party is taking the form of the last ever Queer Vegan Disco on Saturday January 9, 2016. This will be just two days before I fly out of London. This party is set to be huge. It is the final QVD, the monthly party people have come to adore. Buy your tickets in advance to secure your spot on the dance floor.

Thank you to every single person who has read my blog and attended my events during these past five years.

If I don’t see you at the Xmas dinner or Queer Vegan Disco, I will see you in the future.


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  1. Best wishes to you and Josh. I’ll continue to follow you on social media and maybe even see you in Mexico sometime – or at a future London event. Safe travels, and have fun, Sean!
    Laura C. from Canada

  2. Best wishes! Mexico City is fantastic. Will there be a London vegan beer fest in summer 16, do you think?

  3. Best of luck for the future, it sounds like you’ll have a swell time

  4. Wishing you both every happiness in this latest adventure along life’s journey x

  5. Wishing you safe journey. just ensure you have a fabulous time over there, a great big thank you for all your hard work on the blog/events etc

  6. All the best and have fun over there… we will send you some pizza if our delivery guy can cope with it! 🙂 take care and hopefully see you soon again!

  7. Wow, good luck with everything..may move to Mexico too, but on the Pacific coast..are you guys opening a vegan business in mc?


  9. Annastasia and Ted (green haired Twin Peaks lover and handsome Italian sane couple ;)) wish u both well. We hope desperately that we can make it to 9th Jan do and to say a temporary farewell. But if we can’t have fun U2 and so happy u r both following ur hearts, Ted

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