Crispy newness

Check out these fab new crunchy snacks I discovered in my local Co-operative supermarket.

They are not stunning, but they are cheap and cheerful. I didn’t stop eating once I tore the bag open, but I’m not sure that is a yardstick for quality.

You can also look out for the new lentil curls in the same range which will probably be sitting next to these on the shelf.

Have you tried these new snacks? What do you think?

Xmas 15 bottom advert

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Not had those but something similar in Asda is very tasty

    • Yeah, I think they are exactly the same thing except in a different packet.

  2. I tried these the other week after seeing them on co-ops own ‘vegan’ list. Sorry, thought they were awful, blah!
    Having said that, the flavour is not normally something I like anyway… basically I was ‘excited’ about the fact they were vegan more than thinking about flavour! Also, am trying not to have too much processed stuff.

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