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Cameron jokes not funny

This post contains references to degradation of women and abuse of non-human animals.

Do you need an example of how entrenched slut shaming is in our society and how it is clearly linked to exploitation of animals? Just take a look at the hundreds of thousands of jokes circulating on Twitter about allegations directed at Prime Minister David Cameron.

People wasted no time in perpetuating harmful stereotypes and posting content that is highly disrespectful and damaging to women, while being completely ignorant and uncaring to the plight of animals.

The allegations made by Lord Ashcroft (don’t get me started on the outrageous class war waged on the people of this country by the House of Lords – that is another social justice disaster) are genuinely upsetting but it is the fallout from the general public that has truly put the spotlight on the link between animal exploitation and the framing of women as usable objects.

There are countless doctored photos and crudely composed images depicting pigs donning lipstick, fishnet stockings and fake eyelashes. Cartoon pigs have been captioned cooing seductive dialogue to the Prime Minister or asking him for another ‘date’ via text.

You see the problem, yes?

Allegations surface of a man putting his penis inside the head of a dead animal and what do thousands of people instantly think to do? Represent what was was possibly the severed head of an animal as a hyper-sexualised, promiscuous and more than willing participant in the alleged event.

Yep. Thousands of people are busy trying to outdo each other to slut shame the corpse of a pig by using images, language and content usually designed to frame women who dress a certain way as sluts.

People actually think it is funny that it has been alleged that a man put his penis inside a dead animal and even funnier to associate the animal as a slutty ‘women’ in high heels. An animal was allegedly used for an initiation after it was killed and people instantly think to reimagine the creature as a seductive women.

I can’t count the ways how I am offended and unnerved by the public reaction to this, starting with the disposability of animals and the dehumanisation of women. It is an overwhelming example of socialised systemic violence towards women, how hegemonic forces work to commodify/control animals and the meeting of these two injustices.

Please think carefully about the messages you are contributing to by sharing images such as the ones described. Please challenge people who have shared when you feel safe and capable to do so.

Order and read a copy of The Sexual Politics of Meat by Carol J. Adams.


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