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Veg Bar revolution

We have all been so excited to have Veg Bar in our midst. This 100% vegan bar and restaurant in Brixton has quickly established itself as a hangout place for London vegans and their friends.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegan Brunch takes place every Saturday and is always buzzing with vegan food enthusiasts and hard liquor connoisseurs.

Yep, Veg Bar has enjoyed a solid start out of the box but now changes are in the air to take this south London eatery to the next level.

Big news the first: Chef Jhenn of The Vegan Ronin is now the head chef of Veg Bar. Jhenn is known to hundreds of you as an amazing pop up supper club chef who has fans all over the planet. Seriously. She gets repeat customers from as far away as the USA and Japan.


Check out the super fresh and totally vegan menu Jhenn has launched this week to celebrate taking over the Veg Bar kitchen:

  • Chive & nut ball with tomato & chickpea salad
  • Lentil soup with sumac, drizzled lemon oil & artisan breads
  • Grilled mixed vegetables with parsley pesto
  • Barley & avocado salad with pea & edamame
  • Creamy macaroni with broccoli florets & broccoli basil pesto
  • Beetroot & carrot mountain with edamame, pumpkin seeds & apricots in a light dressing
  • Daikon & carrot courgetti with a cashew-tahini sauce
  • Tofu frittata of the day

Holy smoke! That is a stunning vegan menu and it is being served right now in Brixton.

As if that wasn’t enough awesome news for you, there is more.

Big news the second: On Thursday July 16th, 2015, Jhenn is cooking a huge amount of pizza to be served during the Veg Bar Vegan Punk Rock Pizza Party.

This is going to be special not only because Jhenn makes a killer pizza, but also because she will be the only restaurant in London to be serving pizza topped with USA superstar vegan cheese Vegan Gourmet by Follow Your Heart!

Follow Your Heart have kindly sponsored the Vegan Punk Rock Pizza Party this week, meaning this is your only chance to see this super melty cheese in action at the moment in the capital.

RSVP to the pizza party on Facebook and pop along on Thursday for some of the tastiest pizza on the planet. In addition, Follow Your Heart have dropped off a few badges and promotional materials for you to get your paws on.

Vegan Gourmet at Just V Show

The excitement keeps coming.

Big news the third: Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegan Brunch is undergoing a MASSIVE overhaul this week and we have three reasons to celebrate.

  1. It is the day of London Vegan Beer Fest so we want to help you line your stomach before heading to the event.
  2. It is the Lambeth Country Show and everyone will be in the mood for good eating and drinking.
  3. Chef Jhenn will be cooking for Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegan Brunch for the first time and she wants to do it her way!

Your brunch plate will include:

Tofu scramble
Fasolia (Arabic kidney bean dish)
Seitan bacon
Pasta salad
Mixed slaw
Mini muffin
Bottomless coffee and tea

Of course we are still offering a free cocktail with this plate to anyone who RSVPs on the Facebook event.

speedo brunch

More news? I got it!

Big news the fourth: London Vegan Beer Fest after party is roaring to life at Veg Bar on Saturday from 8pm until late.

Entry to this huge party is free for anyone wearing a London Vegan Beer Fest wristband or £5 on the door for everyone else.

Expect lots of drinking and dancing, plus specially crafted bar snacks by Chef Jhenn for hungry revellers.

after party flyer and poster

I think that’s all I’ve got for now.

Time to get your running shoes on, people. You’ve got a lot of things to do this weekend.

Follow Veg Bar on Twitter

beer fest bottom banner

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  1. Next time I’m in London, I’m going straight to the Veg Bar and not leaving until they kick me out! This all looks amazing. Rock n Roll lunch, Vegan Beer Festival…….I love the countryside, but sometimes the city just edges it for excitement!

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