Smoked houmous

Yes, seriously.

I am writing a blog post about houmous. After all the jokes, all the stereotyping and all the times I’ve been left with nothing to eat but houmous, I am dedicating an entire blog post to the creamy stuff.

Why? Because the smoked organic houmous by Natural Vitality is fabulous.

Check it out.
This handmade savoury dip is lovingly crafted by a small company in Somerset. You can tell they are super sweet and low budget due to the weight of the product being handwritten on the packet. I love it!

Of the three flavours I saw in my local health food store, I opted for the smoked variety. It was gorgeous. In fact, it was so tasty I had to struggle not to eat it all in one sitting and forced myself to save some for Josh. He adored it, too.

A quick look on the company website shows they produce a huge range of houmous flavours including extra smooth, kalamata olive, zingy lemon & coriander, slow roasted red pepper and succulent sun dried tomato.

Natural Vitality also appear to sell cake, pâté and salad items which are all vegan, but I’m yet to find these in a store near me.

Have you tried this houmous? What did you think?

Visit Natural Vitality online

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. Maybe the big retailers could at least use this in their products and make it more interesting for us all (if they won’t give up the houmous blanket). Look forward to trying this, thank you!

  2. Just tried this. Totally delicious!

    • We are thrilled with this review! Thank you.

      We are rebranding from Natural Vitality to The Precious Pod in celebration of the noble chickpea which grows in pods (we use more protein-packed chickpeas than most other houmous makers).

      May we keep you posted about our fab new website and packaging – and some exciting houmous news? Feel free to let us know via Twitter or Instagram.

      Love, @thepreciouspod

  3. Dear Fat Gay Vegan,
    Just want to make sure you know we have morphed into thepreciouspod. Still making the smoked houmous but now with extra virgin olive oil. If you would you like to try all 6 flavours? Please send an email with your address to
    Thanks for appreciating our efforts to make healthy and delicious houmous.

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