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New Vegan Drinks

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You know, Berlin really is the city that keeps on giving, if you’re vegan. Hardly a week goes by without some new addition to the city’s vegan menu.

But one thing that Berlin has lacked is an equivalent to the London Vegan Drinks event… until now! (Well, until Friday 17th of July, anyway.) 

We’ve been thinking about starting up a Berlin Vegan Drinks event for some time, but have struggled to find the right venue. Vegan café-bar ‘Chaos Theorie’ – one of our favourite joints in the whole city – would be perfect, but it’s unfortunately too small for an event which draws around 100 people in London.

So we were delighted to hear of a new vegan beer-garden in Berlin, called Wilder Hase, which is German for wild hare. Apparently it’s run by the good folks from the Fast Rabbit café opposite Mauerpark, which makes sense, given the name.

It’s a really lovely venue, mostly outside, but with an inside area if it rains, in the grounds of a long-gone railway station. The area has been made pretty with flowers and seating, perfect for a summer evening. (Sadly, this means it’s not a really wheelchair-friendly venue, but we’ll need to find somewhere else soon anyway, as Wilder Hase will stop operation after summer.) It’s only a few minutes walk from Veganz supermarket at Warschauer Str., so is easy to find at the top of Helsingforser Str.

So if you’re a Berliner, please spread the word, and come along on the night. If you’re not aware of FGV’s event in London, it’s very simple yet so effective: you turn up, buy a drink and chat to people.

We have name-stickers to help break the ice. It’s an event designed for vegans to celebrate being vegan but is open and welcoming to all people.

If you don’t live here but are visiting Berlin at the time, do come along – as it’s Berlin, there will be a multitude of languages spoken, so don’t worry if you don’t speak German.

There’s a Facebook page here which you can follow to get the details of each month’s event.

And without further ado, here are some photos I took at Wilder Hase on Sunday night.

Wilder-Hase-vegan-beergarden-Berlin-1 Wilder-Hase-vegan-beergarden-Berlin-2 Wilder-Hase-vegan-beergarden-Berlin-3

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