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Discount in Berlin

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One of the great things about living in Berlin is that there’s a Veganz vegan supermarket a 10 minute walk away, or even less on the bike. Veganz is really more of a mini-supermarket, though they do have a huge range of products available.

But like all supermarkets, Veganz often has special offers or last- minute reductions on items nearing the end of their shelf-life. This is great for a cheapskate like me. My eyes can sense those bright orange price stickers before I’ve even set off. As a result, we end up trying exotic foodstuffs that are normally out of our price range. (Our freezer is full of bags of grated Daiya cheese that were a bargain at €0.99 each!)

Anyway, today I’m meant to be telling you about these Sweet & Sara rice crispy marshmallow squares, but the main reason I bought them is because they were irresistible at the reduced price of €0.99.

FGV has reviewed some Sweet & Sara products before, but they can be difficult to find outside the US.

1 Sweet and Sara rice crispy square in packaging 2 Sweet and Sara rice crispy square 3 Sweet and Sara rice crispy square cut open

It sounds like he loved the products he tried, and these chewy cuboids certainly don’t let the side down, they’re a great combination of chewiness and crunchiness. I was worried that the brown rice would make them taste too wholesome, but I couldn’t detect any distasteful healthiness, just sweet, gooey deliciousness.

I can’t remember how much the normal price is, but even for a few euros they’d be worth the price as an occasional treat.

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