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Which city on the planet has the most vegan ‘heat’ and ‘buzz’ at the moment?

I’m sure you are rattling off dozens of city names in your head right now. You are thinking of all the familiar destinations you hear about when people talk about vegan hotspots. Los Angeles. Berlin. Glasgow. New York City. Portland. Austin.

Well, how would you react if I told you a lot of the above are about to be trumped for vegan superiority by Warsaw, Poland?

A reader we will call Luke (because that’s his name!) sent me the following video and I have to be honest when I say it completely took me by surprise. Made by a production team named wawangrada, this 30-minute long video is an exposé on the truly staggering  presence of vegan food in the Polish capital.

I can hear the groans of the soundbite-only consumers already, but I implore you to take half an hour out of your day to watch this short documentary. It is one of the most eye-opening chronicles of vegan eating I have ever seen.

Video highlights include:

  • a vegan blogger who has sold tens of thousands of copies of her cookbook
  • multiple 100% vegan restaurants and cafes
  • gorgeous footage of mouthwatering vegan food
  • interviews with Warsaw’s leading vegan chefs
  • insight from Ken Spector of HappyCow
  • discussions with non-vegan business owners driven to add vegan items due to demand
  • vegan pizza being made and eaten
  • a 100% vegan burger joint with lines out the door
  • a vegan hot dog and drinks bar

The highlights above are just a tiny taste of what is featured within this incredible video.

I strongly urge you to watch this video and share with others. It shows just how vegan-friendly and progressive a city can be and it will make you swell with plant-based pride.

The video wasn’t just highly informative, I also found watching it to be somewhat of an emotional experience. Just to see veganism presented in such a positive, enjoyable and widespread manner is moving.

Watch now!

Here is another special treat for you.

Go to this map of vegetarian Warsaw and click on “miejsca weganskie” in the side panel. This will highlight all of the 100% vegan eateries and restaurants in the city. Be prepared to instantly want to relocate to Poland.

Here is the translation for the other terms:

  • Wszystkie – all combined
  • Miejsca weganskie – vegan places
  • Miejsca wegetarianskie i weganskie – veggie and vegan places
  • Miejsca z opcja – places with veggie and vegan options

Tick all of these boxes on the map and you might as well move to Warsaw. It would take you a decent amount of time to eat your way around all the vegan food choices.

We love you, vegan Warsaw!

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  1. ha. did you not believe me when I told you it was very vegan friendly ; )

  2. Just left Warszawa after 3 days of eating out 4-5 times a day and OMG it’s unbelievable how vegan this city is!!! It’s impossible to visit even a quarter of their splendid eateries during such a short stay! Vegan takes on the most traditional Polish dishes like pierogi, śledzie, kaszanka, schabowy, and magnificent cheesecakes and cream cakes – you shall all be missed sadly until our next visit!

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