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In a can

Your life just got better, UK vegans.

I was stumbling through Sainsbury’s, desperate for instant gratification, when my beady eyes spotted the word ‘vegan’ printed plainly on a can. I could suddenly and inexplicably move quickly.

Look what I picked up.

20150227_173212 20150227_173224 20150227_173233Yes. Vegan whipped cream in a can.

As if this occasion wasn’t stupendous enough, can you see the price ticket? £2.40, my greedy friends. Buy them all.

I have been sampling the cream over the past 24 hour period (research) and I declare it to be the finest vegan cream in a can I have ever inhaled. It certainly gives you a lot more product than other brands I’ve tried.

Have you found this cream in your local Sainsbury’s? How do you serve/eat it?

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  1. Oh my!

  2. Am I dreaming….. Or is this for real. Maybe I’ve just arrived in heaven 🙂 x

  3. It’s made by Leha, and is essentially the same as Schlagfix, but this is their parve/kosher version. It was made with hydrogenated fat at one point though.

  4. Just popped into my local Sainsburys (Hampton) – no sign of it here I’m sad to say.

  5. Yes I’ve been buying this one for a while. First in Kosher Kingdom, Golders Green. About 6 months ago I found it in Sainsburys Colindale and I buy three every time I shop there. It is by far the best vegan spray cream I have ever tried.

  6. Brought a can in Tesco. My son and I couldn’t wait for the pudding to cook so squirted half a can straight in to our mouths (oh the shame!)


  8. Holy flip. I’m gonna get me down to Sainsbury’s toute suite! What section is it in, please?

  9. Thank you, I found it. I had no idea there is a kosher section in the chilled aisle. I made a huge mug of hot chocolate crowned with a disgusting amount of Whiptop. It was immense!

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