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Online cheese shopping

Slowly, but surely, UK supermarket chains are waking up to the demands and needs of vegan shoppers.

Tesco is the latest company to add a previously difficult to find vegan product to their online shopping website. One of the most revolutionary vegan cheeses to ever hit the UK is now available to order online via Tesco.com.

violifeYou can now order Violife original in both block and slices via Tesco for home delivery.

This cheese is one of the best on the UK market for melting and the block can be easily grated for pizza toppings. There is a downside in that Violife is manufactured by a huge dairy company, meaning some of your money spent is funnelled back into their wallet. But if you are shopping in Tesco (which many of us do from time to time) you aren’t exactly supporting the struggling underdogs of ethical retail in the first place. We all do what we can or feel we can.

You can ask any independent health food store with a fridge to stock this for you. It is available via wholesalers all across the UK. It will most likely be more expensive in an indie than from Tesco, but that is a trade off you might be able to afford and be willing to make.

Click here to see the product on the Tesco online shop.

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  1. Sean, can you do a blog on Burgers and Sausages? I don’t know if you noticed but previously there were loads of vegan options, but increasingly they all have egg in them. We’re dying here. There’s Fry’s or Vbites and that’s about it now. And hard to get locally and expensive. Any suggestions? Tim (we met at Vegan drinks a few times – I’m from Brisbane as well.)

    • Hey Tim. Do you live in Brisbane now? It’s tough for vegans there! I don’t have plans for a burger/sausage post. I usually only post about something when I find it or when it is released. It seems like it has been a long time since I have posted about sausages. Maybe Dee’s was the last time?

  2. Who is the parent company of Violife? I was really excited when I saw these on Tesco and they are really tasty but I don’t particularly want to support a big dairy company.


  3. Violife is a brand belonging to Viotros, who produce vegan, vegetarian, and dairy products:


    They are part of the Elgeka group, who are a big corporate (the largest in Greece) owning companies who make pretty much anything you could imagine, from meat to cleaning products:


    The vegourmet range (jeezini etc) are made by the same company.

  4. Actually sorry Tara ignore that comment about vegourmet, looks like the person I was quoting had the wrong info.

    Looks like they’re actually an independent Austrian company, who only make vegan products. In which case they would be a perfect sustitute for you – Jeezini is very similar to Violife.

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