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New vegan chocolate company

Hey, chocolate lovers. Here is some fab news.

There is a new vegan chocolate company in the UK and you can order their decadent bars online for delivery.

Check it out.


Ethicoco are makers of handcrafted chocolate bars that sound like some of the most ethical sweet treats you can buy.

The owner reached out to tell me he is running a bean to bar vegan chocolate business, which means every step of the cocoa bean processing takes place on his watch. They don’t buy ready-made chocolate that has been created by anyone else, they do it all. All of the ingredients are vegan and organic, while the production area is purposively dairy free.

The Ethicoco range of bars is small to start with, but the owner assures me more options are in the pipeline.

You can currently buy Peruvian dark chocolate, Peruvian dark chocolate with cranberries, Ecuadorian with oat milk and Ecuadorian with oat milk and raisins.

They all sound exquisite.

Click here to visit the Ethicoco website and place your order.


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  1. Just got my hands on the oat and raisin bar, it’s amazing! Not sure I’ll be able to stop eating it anytime soon! I’ve met the maker, he’s lovely too!

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