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The O2 goes veggie for Morrissey

Here is some big news for lovers of compassion and music legend Morrissey (not that those two things always go together!).

Manchester born Morrissey is set to play a live show this Saturday (29/11/14) at the huge O2 Arena in London. The gig is part of his current world tour, which will move on to Ireland following his south of the Thames stop.

But what is the big news?

The management of the O2 Arena have announced the venue will be turning vegetarian for one night only in honour of one of the most-loved and well-known meat-free humans on the planet. Yep. That’s right. The O2 Arena will be a meat free zone on Saturday because of Morrissey’s show.

The exciting announcement was made by organisers via a special email update sent to ticket holders. The relevant part of the email reads:

Food on the night

The O2 Arena will be going vegetarian. No meat products will be sold in our concessions, lounges or hospitality suites. We have some great veggie alternatives and we know you’ll love them.

Top stuff.

I am incredibly curious if vegans will be catered for and I’ll be sure to report back as it just so happens that I am a ticket holder.

You can buy tickets for the show here.

In other O2 Morrissey news, there is a huge after party planned at Brooklyn Bowl inside the O2 complex following the concert. DJs will be playing only Morrissey and The Smiths, while Sea Shepherd volunteers will be selling merchandise and collecting donations. Buy tickets for the after party here.

¡Viva Morrissey!

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  1. […] Morrissey is playing a mammoth live show at the O2 Arena on Saturday 29th and the venue has announced all its food concessions will be vegetarian for the event. More info here. […]

  2. Can someone please settle this work debate for me?! My girlfriend and I were sure Morrissey is vegan. But my colleagues at work said he came in and was eating pizzas with cheese on! Am I totallyvwrong on this?

    • I don’t think Morrissey is vegan.

      • Ohhh I see. He’s so vocal I was sure he was… I work in a restaurant and he was there the other day (I missed him and I was gutted) and my colleagues said he was eating cheese pizza and Bollinger. I was shocked. I’m also shocked he’s not vegan if he’s so vocal about animal rights!

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