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Raw cake in Prague

My buddy Kay has just sent me some fab photos and info following on from her trip to a raw vegan cake cafe in Prague. How awesome is that?!

Check out the photos below (including a wonderful pug portrait) and see what Kay had to say about the experience.

Shop Cakes Inside Lots of cake PugKay says:

“I was in Prague this weekend and was taken to the most adorable raw vegan cake shop called Sweet Secret of Raw. The selection of cakes was fantastic! We opted for the taster plate which included samples of five cakes for only £6. Every cake was yummy but my favourite was the chocolate hazelnut. It melted in my mouth. The décor of the place was fab and the woman running it was lovely. To top it off, they had a great selection of drinks and free Wi-Fi!”

Thanks, Kay. I’m in love with the pug.

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