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Hot beef sandwich

This is a super quick post to tell you about a wheat meat I am adoring.

Last year at the huge VegfestUK London event, I fell in love with a vegan meat company called Muscolo di Grano. They were frying up their gorgeous version of seitan and I returned to their booth for multiple tasting sessions.

A long time has passed since that first meeting and I have only just gotten around to purchasing some of their good stuff. I can’t believe I waited so long.

I picked up a few packets of Muscolo di Grano from Infinity in Brighton and my life was instantly enriched. Check out one of the products below, as well as a photo of the fabulous hot beef sandwich I made and devoured.

The company sells huge sample boxes online but I am looking for more local stores that stock the brand. I’ve seen some of it in Vx but am wondering if you have you found it anywhere?



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  1. Where did you get it in Brighton? (Infinity? Sunny? Seed’n’Sprout?)

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