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I think I love you

I didn’t get to be the FGV by eating a well-balanced diet and attending pilates everyday. My kitchen has often witnessed crimes against food decency while oil, sugar and too much of too much are usually my staples.

However, I am trying to improve my outlook and intake when it comes to my health. For the past month I have been enjoying a breakfast of raw oats, fresh or dried fruits, seeds and almond milk. I have been devouring record amounts of fresh fruit and have managed to cut out most processed sugar.

Don’t fear, though. My run as the loveable gay carrying too much weight is not coming to an end anytime soon. I love cider and beer too much for that to happen. But I am searching out ways to eat more food that is less bad for me without giving up the sweet thrill I am addicted to… and today I hit the jackpot.

Wild Trail wholegrain bars

Wild Trail wholegrain bars

I’ll save you some time and say the important part first. Wild Trail wholegrain bars are a taste sensation and you should find them as quickly as possible.

These scrumptious and nutritious bars are the perfect snack for someone like me. They give me the sweet rush I crave and deliver it via a combination of fruit and glucose. Wholegrain oats make up the bulk of each bar, with date paste and dried fruits taking starring roles too.

Today I ate the Orange & Apricot bar, as well as the Sour Cherry variety. If I was forced to pick a favourite between these two, the cherry would just make it across the line first. Both of the bars smelled almost as good as they tasted.

Succulent Sour Cherry

Succulent Sour Cherry

Get your hands on some of the new Wild Trail bars as soon as you can. My new attitude towards health(ier) eating highly recommends it.

If you are taken by the company and their product after trying Wild Trail bars, why not get involved in their crowdcube plan? It is a great way to become financially involved with a company you believe in while securing yourself some dividends when the products hit the big time. More information can be found here.

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  1. They sell these at Abokado who have a few shops in London and convienently one in my building!

  2. Hi, do you know what their calorie count per bar is and do they by any small chance have any palm oil in them?

    • Sorry, I thrown the packets away. But I am certain the company would answer your questions if you contact them via Twitter or Facebook. Links are at the bottom of the story.

    • Hi Diane,

      there is no palm oil in the products

      Per 45g bar, calories are 149.

      Hope that helps.


    • They have 150 calories per bar and no palm oil.

  3. Sounds good.

    Did you get my email a while back about the International Food & Drink Event in ExCeL this week (http://www.ife.co.uk)? Register for free on-line.
    Lots of interesting foods to sample, particularly in the Heath & Well-Being section (some fine new vegan fruity bars & sweets, including Trek & Nakd with added protein crunches & Tasty Little Numbers – their dark choc crispy is vegan). Also, Montezuma’s founders are launching Kingdom Chocolate – dark choc mousse is vegan 🙂 – plus lots of other interesting snacks (Manomasa multigrain tortillas are good & flavoured popcorn is on the up). Plenty of lovely juices (rhubarb & beetroot – not together – seem to be favoured flavours) & I’m sure there will be a lot of suitable alcoholic items.
    If you go on the last day, you often get to take home piles of goodies the exhibitors don’t wish to carry home – unfortunately, I’m working all week so only had a brief – but tasty – visit yesterday.

    • Hi Jeanette. Yes, I am going on Wednesday. I am very interested to see what is happening there.

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