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Animal talk

Super fast post.

If you are in London, UK this Friday (March 22) and you are interested in matters of academia and animal testing, you should be no place else.

‘Bred for purpose – the inherent, situational and pathogenic vulnerability of animals in contemporary biomedical research’ is a lecture given by Dr. Jane Johnson of the Department of Philosophy, Macquarie University Australia.

I am assured everyone is welcome to attend.

Full details are in the picture below. The location is a brief four minute walk from Mile End Underground station.


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  1. awwwe man! wish I could go sounds interesting!

  2. Have you both seen the menu at Bibi’s in Leeds? Vegan options all labelled! I have a vegan friend there and he let me know about it http://www.bibisrestaurant.com/PDF/Bibis_ALaCarte_Oct12.pdf

    • Yeah, I saw that online last week. Impressive. Not sure I would like the table next to me to be served a giant lobster, though! LOL

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