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That’s your bloomin’ lot

There used to be a store I frequented as a younger person called Popcorn Palace. This maize emporium was located in a shopping mall on Australia’s Gold Coast and with my hometown just an hour or so away by car, my friends and I would often find ourselves buying bags of the good stuff.

Popcorn Palace was one of those places that believed in the mantra ‘more is more’. I used to marvel at the vast array of flavoured popcorn lining the shelves and always ended up buying more jumbo tubs than I could handle of the irresistible snacks. I remember the watermelon variety extremely fondly.

Thus commenced my lifelong love affair with popped corn.

Flash forward to a few years (decades?) later and popcorn still rules my roost. Popcorn is probably second only to potato in my most-loved category. I might not have Popcorn Palace in my life these days, but the good people of Bloom’s are working hard to keep my maize malaise at bay.

Nutty & Sweet by Bloom’s

I was recently sent a few packets of the new range of gourmet popcorn by Bloom’s and my interest in this versatile snack has been raised again. My selection included the Sweet & Salty, Nutty & Sweet and the gorgeous Sesame & Salt.

A palm filled with Nutty & Sweet

Eye-catching packets by Bloom’s

My favourite…. Sesame

Created by the same people behind Diva popcorn, Bloom’s might very well be some of the finest popcorn I have experienced since those formative years of Popcorn Palace. The Nutty & Sweet was gone in seconds. The Sweet & Salty was perfect. The Sesame & Salt was unexpected but by far the standout. Clusters of sesame seeds clung seductively to expertly popped corn. I would eat them all again right now.

Keep an eye out for Bloom’s Popcorn in a store near you soon. A certain FGV will probably be standing next to it.

Visit Bloom’s Popcorn online

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Currently available in Planet Organic

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  1. Right, I’m off to Planet Organic to try some. I’m a popcorn devotee too; in my pre-vegan days I loved Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn, but alas, they use dairy in so many of their varities.

    • I’m right with you, Wayne. The three I tried in this range were vegan. There is a fourth but I haven’t seen it…. yet! LOL

  2. I’ve just got some LUSH popcorn-flavoured (& containing!) ‘Let The Good Times Roll’ exfoliating facial cleanser this weekend & had to rush & sniff it after reading this entry!

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