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Google me baby

What do you get when you mix FGV, Google and a Mexican restaurant in Central London? A whole lot of delicious fun, that’s what!

I was recently approached by Google+ Local to host a vegan event in the capital. Of course you know all about Google+ Local, right? Local is a fully integrated way to share your experiences, read reviews, view maps, browse businesses and immerse yourself (and your friends) in your local area. I am already swamped by social media but I am slowly getting to grips with Local.

I’m glad Google asked me to get involved with organising a vegan event as it has been a great way to sink my teeth into their new service. I have been writing reviews for my favourite London locations, as well as contemplating the idea of hosting a hangout. If you like the idea of exploring your local area via Local, read all about it here.

But what about the event? Read on!

Mestizo is a smart-looking restaurant perched a few minutes stroll from Warren Street station. With a staggering range of tequilas on offer and a separate vegan menu for compassionate eaters, it is a venue I can imagine becoming extremely familiar with in the future.

Our Google group was fed tequila and mouthwatering delights until we could barely cope. Bubbling dishes and scrumptious tortillas gave us an authentic feel for Mexican cuisine and the knowledgable staff made sure we came away with a better understanding of the culture and food.

Google goes vegan… & Mexican!

Our host for the night started us off in grand style with a superb tequila tasting session. Some members of the group found it a little hard going so of course I stepped in to help them out. I’m not against telling you how much tequila I consumed, it’s just that I can’t recall. All I can impart to you is that I adore tequila even more than I did before the event.

Our tequila tasting selection

Smelling a good tequila

The vegan menu at Mestizo is a special collection of food indeed. Our group adored the crispy empanadas, potato-stuffed flautas and the selection of salsas positioned around our table. In my eyes, the crowning glory of the plant-based menu is the Molcajete ‘Mestizo’. This house specialty of vegetables mixed with gorgeous sauces is delivered bubbling to the table in a huge volcanic stone bowl. It is as much fun to watch as it is to scoop up its delicious contents with soft tortillas.

This volcanic dish is superb

Sorbet by the tumbler… perfect ending!

The evening came to a perfect close with a selection of refreshing and perfectly-crafted sorbets. The tequila sorbet comes highly recommended. But you knew I would say that, right?

If you enjoy delicious and exciting vegan food, I imagine I will see you at Mestizo in the near future. That is if I don’t bump into you on Google+ Local first.

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Written by fatgayvegan

  1. This looks very promising and I can’t wait to check it out! So glad London is finally getting some decent Mexican places…in my experience, finding good Mexican food in London has been like finding a good curry in LA.

  2. This is a seriously good Mexican restaurant and I love the fact that they have a separate vegan menu. The food is good, the staff are lovely and the tequila is plentiful… what more could you want?

  3. I’m probably TOO excited to hear about this…I’m dying for some good Mexican!

  4. Finally – a use for Warren Street station! (Previously just an annoying pause on the Victoria line where nobody got on or off the train.)

  5. I didn’t know about this place, pleased there is another option for vegans in London now anyway.

  6. I’m sorry to say that I had a really awful experience at Mestizo a few months ago. I’m glad to hear it appears to have picked up!

  7. I was hoping to see some traditional pulque and spicy dishes at the restaurant, but nice to see some vegan Mexican options in London! I need to return to the UK soon!

  8. I went there last night especially on your recommendation, but I’m sad to say I was quite disappointed… Maybe I was expecting something altogether different, but I found the place tired-looking and far from ‘smart’; the staff were lovely but I didn’t like the laminated menus and stale, left-out nachos in what – to all intents and purposes – wants to be a proper restaurant. I really, really appreciate that they have an extensive, interesting-sounding vegan menu, but the food I ordered was thoughtlessly presented, uninspiring stodge. All in all, nice idea, not so hot in practice, I’d say – unfortunately…

  9. Ate here tonight. Two vegans & two meat eaters. Had a great evening. The food was awesome. Great atmosphere. Really good night out. Thanks for posting about it. I will definatley go back soon.

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