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Falafelito es mi papito

Mexico City is turning up some vegan surprises, that’s for sure.

I have purchased chocolate soya milk in grocery stores, enjoyed massive jars of tofu/olive paté and let’s not forget about the wonderful vegan cupcakes made right here in Distrito Federal. Oh no, I haven’t been going hungry.

Amongst this cornucopia of hidden vegan delights is one of the loveliest food outlets anywhere in the world. Vegans and vegan-curious, please let me introduce you to Falafelito.

Falafelito en La Condesa

You know that feeling when you go to a falafel place and you have to dodge the animal products? Maybe they serve mayo, egg or cheese? Not nice, right? Well, you don’t even have to begin to worry about such problems at Falafelito because everything served is 100% vegan.

Falafelito is set just across from Parque México in the lush, picturesque suburb of Condesa. This inner-city neighbourhood has been an enclave for artists and bohemians for decades and now boasts an array of pretty boutiques, alternative eateries and live music venues. It’s kinda cool.

The menu at Falafelito continues this cool vibe. Falafel balls made on site are crammed into pita pockets brimming with salad and are served with cups of refreshing lemonade. Smaller dishes are offered such as humus and chips or you can grab a plate of the dip surrounded by falafel.

Scrumptious falafel with tahini & salad

Fresh & tasty limonada

My falafel wrap was brimming with goodness

Humus with chips

Were you in need of a reason to visit Mexico City? You just got an extremely solid one.

Falafelito, Av. Mexico 105, Hipodromo Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Hours: midday – midnight    Price: super inexpensive!

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  2. Wow!! Food looks amazing 🙂
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    • Thank you xx

      • You’re welcome! Your blog has introduced me to lots of things 🙂

  3. Yum! Those balls look delish!

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