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And it spread

TOPAS bring some of the best vegan meat products in the world to my plate with their Wheaty range. The fact they are market-leaders is non-negotiable and I’ve known it for a long time. If you haven’t tasted their Chorizo sausage, you haven’t lived.

But what I didn’t know about TOPAS is that they produce a small and mouthwatering range of vegan pâtés. I recently discovered the three flavours of pâté made by this vegan company and it is safe to say I will only be growing more familiar with them in the future.

The TOPAS pâté range features paprika, marjoram and mushroom flavours. Most of the ingredients used are organically-sourced and all of the flavours are gluten free.

TOPAS mini pots of vegan pâté

Creamy & savoury

The pots are the perfect size for one person and would be a great back up to take traveling. A few of these in your carry on luggage would be a good investment next time you are taking a long haul flight. We all know too well that you can’t rely on vegan airline food.

Spread on a rice cake

I picked my pots up from a veggie show so I’m not certain where they are for sale. The TOPAS website features a list of sellers in Germany and an email address for retail enquiries elsewhere in the world. If you have seen these tubs of pâté for sale near you, please leave a comment below this story.

Help spread the love!

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  1. It’s really rare that they sell something in Germany and NOT in GB (and the US…)
    Usually, you have all the good stuff 😉

  2. I just got some from Vx!

  3. I just got one of these in my UK Vegan Food Swap package.

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