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London happy, Leeds sad

The Third Estate in Leeds

This news is simultaneously good and bad. The phenomenal clothing and footwear retailer The Third Estate has announced its final days trading in Leeds city centre and the subsequent move they are making to London. Like I said, happy London but sad Leeds.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will recall a story I did on The Third Estate back in January. This shop has been a haven for vegan shoe shoppers for many years and also has been one of the most comprehensive stockists of cruelty-free footwear the UK has ever seen.

London seriously needs to prepare itself for a world-class vegan shoe retailer. The new store is to be centrally located in the Camden/Kentish Town area on Brecknock Road. The Third Estate London will be just a 10 minute walk from Kentish Town Underground and rail station, a 15 minute walk from Camden Town Underground and rail station and a similar stroll from Caledonian Road Underground station. The location is well serviced by buses.

Opening in December 2011, The Third Estate will bring a whole new level of vegan shoe shopping to the capital. I really do feel sorry for Leeds*.

Vegan shoes at The Third Estate

*Dear Leeds. The final day of trading for The Third Estate is Saturday October 29, 2011. Go and say goodbye… and buy things!

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  1. Thanks for the lead. Sales lead, Not dog lead. Anyway you know what I mean.

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